Medical Express Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic opened its doors on Labor Day, 2008, following a request from many of our patients looking for quick, quality medical care for minor illnesses and injuries. Our primary goal is to answer this demand from our existing patients and other members of our community.

As physicians, we have long heard our patients express their concerns about having to wait several days for an appointment at their regular doctor’s office to be evaluated for a minor medical problem. Visits to the local emergency room were also not a viable option as they were time consuming, and resulted in increased expenses not always covered by medical insurance plans. Finally, not only did these minor medical problems result in missed work, but the patients also unnecessarily suffered for longer periods of time due to their inability to obtain prompt medical care.

This need identified by our patients presented physicians with a dilemma. We had been trained to take long medical histories, perform detailed medial examinations, and provide a full medical evaluation of the patient at every visit. While this is still the backbone of the medical profession, we have come to recognize that this is not always what is needed by the patient. Oftentimes the problems were minor, and the patients needed quick medical attention to resolve the issue at hand. Many in the industry have begun to identify this patient demand, although not all are health care professionals. The demand has been answered by a number of Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic that are flourishing around the country; some offered by qualified medical staff, while others are merely small rooms adapted in other types of businesses attempting to offer health care.

At Medical Express, we believe that quality health care should continue to be offered by medical professionals working specifically for the well-being of the patients and the community.